Jhanelle Alecia Davis, known by her stage name, Aria, is a Jamaican a singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, she grew up performing for church, singing on choirs and performing for charity.
Born April 25, 1986, Jhanelle’s musical orientation began at early age. In admiration and following the footsteps of her older brother, Jhanelle joined the choir at age 9.
By keeping a daily diary, Jhanelle honed her songwriting skills. Early on, she wrote about places to travel, things to accomplish, favourite songs and artistes. Being a ‘foodie’, she also wrote about food.
Her diary entries later evolved into poems, which she shared with close friends. Her friends suggested that she transformed these to songs. That she did – infusing her writing with melodies and harmonies. Becoming more aware and confident of the talent she possesses, Jhanelle started privately recording her songs and shared them among her close friends, who found her songs relatable and catchy.
Jhanelle is driven to make a positive impact. She joined the Father HoLung and Friends Music Ministry in Jamaica in 2007. Since, then she has performed with the organization in local and international musical and theatre productions. These productions are used to build awareness and raise funds, to feed, clothe, and provide medical assistance to the poor and those less fortunate in Jamaica.
Her experiences with the group are life changing. Relating to the statement, "to whom much is given, much is expected", she is profoundly dedicated to using her talent to make great music and perform for a greater cause.
Jhanelle continues to work on her artistry, continually performing at social and corporate events. She now collaborates with musicians and producers, creating music in Reggae, Dancehall, Caribbean and Pop genres. Driven - she focuses on realizing her dream of - touching souls with music.
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